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What is this project?
This project is creating and finalizing a moosic frontend in PHP.

What is the plan?
The plan is to complete this ASAP in order to setup a moosic run soundsystem.

I currently plan on programming a full fledged web interface, along with a handy little one for my PDA. I have a HP Ipaq with wireless support and internet explorer. So it shall become a remote control.

This system (moosic && Sine) will be the backbone of an, at least, 4 speaker set system in separate rooms of my house. I have a linux box running with separate soundcards and cables to these separate speakers. When it is finished I plan to be able to control any number of speaker sets from the comfort of my couch/computer chair with 1 solid web frontend.

Changelog and Download

1 or more soundcards
PHP 4 or 5
As for both releases, I have included a partially hacked version of Sven Salzwedel's wrapper class (This was due to 2 functions conflicting with php having xmlrpc)

Recommended: Get the Sine Release Candidate Here.

Current Status: RC2

add web front to playlists
clean up the page layout
create PDA page (It is there, but isn't developed at all)
settings edit page
integrate move list and moving
implement replace
implement show config
implement the ability to move files
try multicall to replace several calls
allow muting and better volume control
create lightweight resizable page for desktop use or general purposes
Optimize and look over code

added ability to or not to display the history box and playlist
add replay feature
updated documentation
added stop after this track
implemented swap
implemented reverse
fixed adding 1 file by clicking link
implemented new ID3 system
--moved ID3 tag acquiring over to the ID3 python server
--created loadable playlists (not put into the web interface just yet, next release will most likely have them)
--passing queue hidden between pages and just check last update

Questions, Problems, Suggestions???? email me at kerick |(at]} |]shiftedbit[) DoT NeT -----minus brackets of course